Bob Saget cause of death unveiled: New details | LiveNOW from FOX

“Full House” star Bob Saget, stated by TMZ, passed away from a brain bleed after suffering head trauma. Sources told TMZ that after checking into the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Orlando on Jan. 9, Saget hit his head on something. TMZ is told officers do not know what object he hit — potentially the headboard — but there was an apparent bruise on the back of his head. Saget’s family later released an announcement authenticating the report.

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  1. Rest In Peace but remember this man was involved with the occult.

  2. It takes a really hard hit to cause death like this. Equivalent to falling backwards onto the concrete. No way did he hit his head on the headboard. Maybe fell backwards to the bathroom floor.

  3. Something about comedians falling and hitting their heads recently….

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  5. Bob was definitely murderered

  6. My grandma died like this

  7. What did he have on hillory?

  8. yeah sure, there were no other “causes” which lead to the passing of a scumbag. Note fox, the msm which called florida in ‘00 and the ‘zone in ‘20, called Sagat an actor and comedian rather than what he truly was in life; a monster.

  9. Passed out due to COVID shot!

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