BOAT TOUR: 40ft Rapido Trimaran (& our Future Sailing Plans Revealed!)

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  1. Sailing La Vagabonde

    Catch previous videos from our Trimaran Build (60ft Rapido) here:
    Ep 1: Trimaran reveal:
    Ep 2: Interior work begins:
    Ep 3: Gluing our new Trimaran together:

  2. Well you surely have to do some North Queensland/great barrier reef sailing on your way to NZ! Also as a non-sailor I didn’t realise how much boats are, I will stick to nagging my fiancé to come on your charter boat with me. 😂 or sell my house who knows

  3. Hi guys. If you want to make a note. We are a couple living in Auckland New Zealand and if Eleanor (please excuse my spelling), and the boys want to come while you are here Riley, we can accommodate you all. We live in a 3 bedroom house in Devonport and can show you around in our 1960 Chevrolet Impala. We also have a YouTube channel called Little CamperNZ.

  4. Hi Riley, otw from Vietnam to SG, you will be passing Anambas Islands in Indonesia and I suggest you to stopover there because of the view is stunning.
    I have been to Mentawai and that is good choice for you guys to get there. Then the more you go to the east of Indo, the more you can get stunning islands.

  5. I’m a mountaineer, living in a mountain village, going to the mountains for almost all holidays etc. But I have been watching your videos for three years now (I think this is anniversary week ^^) and with every video I’m more like “Well, maybe I should learn to sail and get a boat and sail to wherever”. I love how you show us other possibilities of leading a life <3 keep it up.

  6. I can’t believe your going past the Whitsundays and Queensland bay without stopping in

  7. Can’t wait for your next adventures 🙂 As always all the best for you!

    • TELE_GRAM_ME_👉Sailing_La_Vagabonde👈

      ☝️👆🎊🎊Congratulations 🎊🎊👆👆 you’ve been selected among my shortlisted winners
      👆Dm claim your prize 👆🎊

  8. Just a video editing note: that “camera flash” click thing in the end part is intensely terrible for anyone with migraines or other similar conditions, I’d skip it in future!

  9. Not sure if you were asking ‘where do you want us to visit’ referred to the Pacific or the world, so I have two lists:

    1 Pacific – French Polynesia OF COURSE, but I’d love to see your comparison of Samoa (British Commonwealth) to American Somoa, and visit Solomon Is, Papua New Guinea then whiz north to Japan, then across to Canada …

    2 World – Brittany, France, Atlantic coast of France, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, any part of west cost UK from Shetland to Scilly Is.

    I think Japan would be my main “need to see, to visit” place

  10. Great video as usual …

    Is that rust that can be seen from one of the bolts holding the bowsprit?

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