Board Game Video Games – Scott The Woz

Scott’s bored.
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  1. I used to play the Snes version of Clue at my grandma’s house as a kid, it creeped me out

  2. Jenga in all forms are still fun <3

  3. Is nobody going to talk about Rex absolutely demolishing the PS2 at 10:18??? I was so caught off guard I cannot stop laughing

  4. how did Scott get an Xbox notification while playing the Wii version of Pictionary

  5. Can’t wait for the board Scott episode!

  6. If you want a good video game adaptation of Mouse Trap then look up an old PC game called The Incredible Machine.

  7. SCROTT lolol

  8. Uno on ur phone playing online with other people is awesome

  9. you may not have indoor plumbing, but you do have herpes on ur lip

  10. 12:03 I think they lost Jenga on a plane back in 2001

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