Blues jiggle back, even Cup Final with 4-2 win

Ryan O’Reilly scored two goals to lead the Blues to a 4-2 win against the Bruins, knotting the Stanley Cup Final at two games apiece


  1. ‘Rubber Biscuit’ or ‘Flip Flop and Fly’ by The Blues Brothers.

  2. Peter Karel Kraus

    The Blues are long overdue. Go Blues ?

  3. Макманус


  4. Refs clearly swayed this game towards the blues and if you deny it you have severe autism

  5. Mosty Canadian on that team. ? Go Blues

    • Boston is mostly Canadian too and they got Canada’s most loved player in Bergeron. Idk anyone who doesnt like him

  6. My birthday is June 10th and all I want for my birthday is the blues to win a Stanley Cup

  7. stevie ray genoch

    Now that’s good hockey! Good job blues! Very impressive !

  8. Good game

  9. Columbus is cheering on the blues

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