Blues be triumphant in Game 7, capture first Cup title

The Blues captured the very first Stanley Cup title in their 52-year history with a 4-1 win against the Bruins in Game 7


  1. Two terrible cities, honestly a lose lose

  2. What  a shocker to do it in Boston! Congrats Blues and your great goalkeeper

  3. SuperSaiyanBroly420

    As an eagles fan. 50+ years is long enough. Congrats ????

  4. Let’s go Blues! 22 of their 31 players are from Canada

  5. the.mighty.kyuss

    The blues ought to buy their goalie a brand new Corvette. Hell, maybe 2 of em.

  6. Nesserian Ofosu - Thomas Street MS (1654)

    binnington was phenomonal

  7. Blues won yesterday and the Raptors will win today.

  8. Rookie goalie???

  9. Never seen playoffs rigged so blatantly in my life.

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