Blind Dating 8 Guys Based On Their Outfits

I will love you everlastingly 🙂

Go check them out!



If you see this remark “David you are lovely… not that hot but super adorable” so I know you love me and read this.


  1. David Alvareeezy

    GO SUBSCRIBE TO MY PATREON! for the BTS and the Extra Questions 🙂

  2. Ricardo Vinícius

    David I always laugh so much watching these videos,these type of video is awesome,thanks

  3. yoooooo did Ryan just kiss David on th lips or are we going to prentend that did not happen.Iis he gay if not that was some homo shit????

  4. All the Spanish speakers made me cringe so hard

  5. I absolutely knew David would milk Nezza’s breakup and I am right here waiting to drink it all up with the biggest mug

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