Blind Dating 6 Guys Based on Their Bodies

I got Franny to go on 6 Blind Dates Based on Their BODY!!

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If you read this remark “David’s stache is not THAT bad” so I know you saw this lol


  1. David Alvareeezy

    If this video gets 15k likes in less that 24hrs I’ll reveal who next weeks person is that’s doing the GIRL version of this 🙂

    • Get a grammar coach.

    • Yo David, spice things up next time by having the next Franny eliminate the guys first based off body(no voice), but no face show when contestant is eliminated, then switch up the arrangement of the contestants and let her speed date them with curtain between them. After each question she eliminates one. In the end compare if her choice based off body and her chouce based off the questions match

    • @Ezabel Nena yeah she knew the last two guys

    • @Lexa yea David did it on purpose to be funny and it honestly worked😂

  2. Kelly! L!VE🤳J𝟘!N МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 H𝟘T Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е🍑

    i love the friendship that franny, nezza and david have, too funny

  3. mannnn caleb was so cute the whole time

  4. ThiskidfromWHITTIER

    Comment 50. Let’s go I got it, how you gonna send it?

  5. Linda! Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME 💞

    i love the friendship that franny, nezza and david have, too funny

  6. majorrrrrrr plot twist when contestant #1 was eliminated and it was Brett from BB20…. how did i not recognize his voice lmao

  7. Was that Brett from big brother !?

  8. watched the first round and said “guy #1 is brett from big brother”

  9. i watched brett on big brother lol

  10. Lucia Aquino Machon

    Does anyone recognize franny’s jeans? Or could you tell me where I can get similar ones?

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