“Blank Decay” | Clock 0ut Animation

once again i take more than enough time on a project o(-(

In addition, declaring it the Clock 0ut series (because idk if this counts as original or not, perhaps an au lol)

I hope you get pleasure from ^^

I got merch :3c

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  1. This is incredible!! Thank you so much for using my music for such an amazing project ❤
    The animation quality, storytelling, action sequences, and sound design are all out of this world, and it’s such an honor to hear a song of mine as the backdrop to this masterpiece 🙏

  2. the stanley parable in a different font pretty much


  4. Hufflepufflez :3


  5. Sad-ist,you’ve outdone yourself

  6. as a person who is obsessed with clocks, this gave me an incredible amount of happiness, i LOVE this animation!!!!

  7. love this Clock0ut series!

  8. I swear your work just improves 10x every project

  9. This animatic is amazing, so much progress from your first animations. I was completely amazed during the end sequence when clockman kills one of the monster guys(idk what they called). The glitching with the lighting and animation completely amazes me. I dont know how you managed to get through making the entire animation. I wouldnt XD

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