Blake Shelton’s Wedding Vow Surprise for Gwen Stefani Left Guests In Tears

Gwen Stefani says she wishes Blake Shelton would write songs more regularly — so, for their wedding ceremony, he wrote one just for her. The nation star sang his pledges.

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Carson Daly shared this on Today on Tuesday (July 6).

“I feel like the uncle that’s here to just blab!” Daly told his Today co-hosts. The TV persona and The Voice host officiated Shelton and Stefani’s wedding ceremony on Saturday (July 3) in Tishomingo, Okla., and while he stated that he’d leave most of the detail-sharing to the honeymooners, he did offer one super-sweet tidbit: Shelton’s promises were a song he penned for Stefani.

Daly says he worked on Shelton and Stefani’s marriage ceremony “for months … to get [it] just how they desired it.” It was Daly who asked the couple to write their own pledges, telling them, “You people are two of the finest songwriters on earth, we want to hear your words” — and even though both stars were “truly averse” to do it, they did assent to the notion ultimately.

“Gwen begins … and she crushes. Not a dry eye in the church … and it was so perfect,” Daly shares of the marriage ceremony, kidding that he told Shelton he had to top her words.

“Blake begins by stating, ‘You know, Gwen’s always given me a hard time about not writing enough songs — so, I wrote a song,'” Daly persists. “He wrote her a song, and he sings her a song, while he’s sobbing, that he wrote notably for her … [There was] not a dry eye in the residence, and that was truly a highlight.”

Daly says he believes the song is called “Reach the Star,” though he did not offer any other details about its lyrics.

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  1. So happy for both of you have a magical life it won’t be dull from McKinleyville California You to are Awsome your love was written in the stars God Bless You Guys from McKinleyville California

  2. I’m so glad they found each other!! And you know it was no accident they they were brought together and we’re going through the same exact thing at the exact same time!!! Lots of love and many many many till death do they part years together!!! I just love them so much!!!! God Bless you both forever!!!!!!!

  3. Worst mistake he ever made was losing Miranda!!

  4. Congratulations to you both. May you be blessed with many years of love and happiness.

  5. Brenda Hartman

    Third times the charm lol

  6. Janet Jackson Tyler Lummer


  7. All the best, they certainly seem happy, hope it lasts

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