blackpink pinkish venom was TERRIBLE

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  1. Half of this video has been cut out click here to watch the full video

  2. Well. Jisoo didn’t got that much screening

  3. Plss yg made us wait for 2yrs and did our girlss wrong✋🏼. The most disappointing comeback as for me😖

  4. The song js boring itself. Didnt like it at all. But the concept if the music video the girls performance and all are great. The music is just not it. I really think they should get another producer. Not saying they completley have to remove teddy from the team, its just his music is just not as “good” the girls are carrying it yes, but if sang by another artist I dont think itll be a hit. It not giving the same energy as the previous hits. This might get popular due too black pink being well known and that this is their comeback song, but I just hope as a comeback song theyd introduce another producer.

    In summary. This is pretty terrible ,Teddy. Its not giving come back vibes.

  5. Yooo this is trending in germany 💀

  6. Yes, i agree with u 😭 im quite disappointed with the previous song

  7. I feel like yg give them back to the beginning

  8. Okay first I gotta be that one person I LOVED Kill This Love. I still have that on my playlist it’s a banger. But beside that I agree with everything you said in this video they was not a catchy part in this song that hooked me. I promised I zoned out a bit bc it’s just sounded like distorted music fora bit bc I don’t think the song played to any of their strengths and had my attention drawn to the chaotic background music (whatever you wanna call it)

  9. I love blackpink but this song ain’t it

  10. I honestly knew it was going to suck. Why do they make the lyrics so cringey? ” we bring the pain like” ” coming to your dome” or whatever they said? It was so hard to listen to, especially the ending with their wierd rahtata’s?! Why? Who thought this song sounded good? At all??? I don’t understand comments that say ” yes the song was missing something.” The hole song sucked crap…idk I’m tired of pretending their songs are good.

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