Thank you for viewing my reaction to BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ M/V!

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  1. FINALLY!!!!!! Make sure to stream the MV! Link in the description!

    • with this MV BL break all BTS and blackpink record i think blackpink could have more view in 2 or 3 day than lady gaga ariana grande collab in 1 month . with this comeback they reach the first place in GAON chart in only 2 hours . and with have a high chance to see BL broke the record of the most view mv in 24h not only on KPOP but all MV in the world, the actual record is 75 millions view. now its 1 am in france BL as 60 millions view in 14 h .so i hope BL can have 16 millions more view in 10 hours . next level blackpink has to win all music show in koréa because they dramaticaly lack music show win in koréa . BTS ,TWiCE , EXO ,RED VELVET ,WANNA ONE , GFRIEND ,MAMAMOO? GOT 7 etcc …….. all of them have more win than Blackpink because all of them as 2 ,3 or 4 comeback by years ;

    • BeautifulSmart100

      We are almost at 64 million we need about 11 million more to break the record in the first 24 hours…. we need to keep streaming…. Blinks fighting!!!! #andrewisatrueBlink

    • Please make reaction to BLACKPINK- ‘HOW YOU LIKE THAT’ M/V MAKING FILM
      😬♡ 🇮🇩

    • @Anurjann 👍

  2. Rosè is stuning

  3. Balqis Noor Fatihah

    prkk “oh my god my chair”😂😂😂

  4. Irish joy Mendoza

    Try to watch the choreo at jimmy fallon

  5. Софія Падун

    Your reaction at every video is the bestie what I can see when ever.u

  6. Andrew completely speechless at Lisa’s rap part. Same Andrew, samee!! Btw, you’re probably the hottest blink I know!😂

  7. Jisoo’s Hair never change in Any MV even in their comeback😥 Yayy I want to see her with dye hair 😪😪😪

  8. Please react to bts stay golden 🙏❤️

  9. sugimoto Itsumo

    Nobody talking about you Rosé… That’s ok
    I’m always here as what I said I’m just here for you…. I Love you.
    You are awesome
    Most Kindest one
    And most Beautiful flower I’ve ever known. 😘😘😘 I Purple You💜

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