BlackBerry – Official Trailer ft. Jay Baruchel & Glenn Howerton | HD | IFC Films

Opening in theatres May 12th, The real story of the meteoric increase & ruinous demise of the world’s first smart phone, BLACKBERRY is a windstorm ride through a mercilessly combative Silicon Valley at breakneck speeds.

Starring: Jay Baruchel, Glenn Howerton, Matt Johnson
Director: Matt Johnson

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  1. Oh come on these movies are just getting ridiculous. They going to make a drama movie about the Casio 70s watch next? How about another movie for the Palm pilot?

  2. Nicholas Villiarimo

    Yay! I love Jay Baruchel

  3. Jay Baruchel is back!!

  4. Typed this comment using my blackberry.

  5. We call it a Blackberry because of the implication….

  6. Liberal cinema can’t make to many good movies so they make remakes, biographies and movies about big business that they pretend to hate. They also do action movies with guns that they hate.

  7. This looks amazing

  8. Wow I didn’t even recognize Glenn Howerton at first. This is gonna be hilarious



  10. mediocre piece of sh!t

    More Matt Johnson movies please

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