Black Moms Try Other Black Moms’ Soul Food

Four black mothers battle it out for the title of Soul Food Queen!


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  1. THIS SERIES IS AMAZING. please keep it! it honestly makes me laugh so much!

  2. SHADY LADIES. OMG I love it! ??

  3. Robert Yampolsky

    “This chicken was fried in the oven.” 0:52
    Thats called baked! ??

  4. They should have the moms react to this that would be interesting

  5. omggg she has such a good heart, moral of the story good heart is a winning one!! WOHOOOOO!!!

  6. It be the ones talking the most to disappoint you??‍♀️?

  7. Gee I wonder where are the black fathers are? *hmmmmnm*

  8. Itxjustkenyan drake

    J justs stuck up

  9. Dang I am hungry for some Mac. Came from a wedding and couldn’t it, want macaroni badly

  10. I love Gina she’s so funny ?

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