Black Belt in 24 Hour Challenge! Surprise Ending! Daughters vs Dads

My Daughter Payton and I schooled Salish and Jordan Matter to become Black Belts in 24 hours! See Payton and Salish get Transformed into Wednesday Addams. Jenna Ortega would be astounded.
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  1. Who do you think will win the challenge? Daughters or Dads? Will Jordan & Salish become Black Belts?

  2. Ninja family I wish I can meet you one day and I always dream and you guys in my mind I wish you have a lovely day

  3. It was so funny when the dads were holding each other🤣

  4. I can’t believe that actually going to turn into black belt

  5. I saw the Wednesday video before this video.

  6. 9:16 and 12:56

  7. Loved this!
    When Jordan tried wanted to brake the board with the side of he fist 😬 that will do way more damage to yourself
    If it helps, as someone who has train in the art the boards are slightly weaker in the center so as long as you hit the right spot your allg

  8. Butterfly Designs

    For the kicking challenge the dad’s celebrated too early😂

  9. The Yelobeli Munki


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