BIRTH VLOG | Labor + Emergency C-Section


  1. I can’t wait until I’m 25, it’s when I plan to have a baby!!

  2. “Whatever is best for the baby”

    Already a good mom ❤️

  3. she looks just like moses

  4. what kind of a psychopath names their kid malibu barbie? you just want the kid to be bullied huh? fucking weird ass wannabe celebrities with mental issues should not be allowed to birth children.

  5. I’m so proud of you been a fan since day one you deserve this more than anything love you both congratulations ❤🎉

  6. Don’t recommend channel

  7. Awh love birth vlogs i wish i done one i got induced and waters broke and it went fast for me i was up labour ward contracting fast got epidural It started to fade on my left abdomen i thought it failed one side but luckily they topped it up twice and then they examined me i was fully dilated 3cm to 10 in 4 hours i was amazed they gave me an hour rest then i pushed for 11 mins and he was out i couldnt believe it everyone birth is different but in the end u have a lovely baby its so rewarding😍😄

  8. Why does YouTube think I want to watch this content.

  9. I don’t care

  10. So calm the whole time. And gosh I adore Moses ❤

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