Binging with Babish: Ribwich from The Simpsons

This week we return, once again, to the ostensibly bottomless pit of pop culture food spoof that is The Simpsons. Never one to shy away from making fun of McDonalds, America’s favorite family now grapples with an otherworldly force known as the ‘Ribwich’. I was going to make a “rib” patty, like they would in a fast food context, but I’m just getting out from under the flu and didn’t want to. I’m sorry.

Music: “A Beautiful Life” by Broke for Free

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  1. Binging with Babish

    Was gonna do the good morning burger, but this seemed somehow…healthier?

  2. Hello sir I love cooking and you inspired and motivated me to be creative and try to make dishes from movies or cartoons just like krabby patties,bob’s burgers,mulan’s porridge,and more.I am looking forward to your recipes from cartoons,I hope you would do more food that is isnpired by scooby doo because shaggy and scooby loves to eat and make food in every series? I wish you could make a video about scooby doo’s meal?.Thank you for making those videos.?

  3. was hoping you’d make a burger made of actual insects

  4. I like your freakishly small metal whisk.

  5. Worst Sexy Sauce!

  6. 3:30 glad im not the only one

  7. Headless Chicken

    So what was the results of your second half analysis?

  8. Should have toasted the bread.

  9. Love the watch

  10. Why is it breaking the rules to put a dry rub on your ribs? I always do it because all the BBQ webages said to

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