Bills’ Damar Hamlin in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Yesterday evening’s Buffalo Bills-Cincinnati Bengals came to a sudden halt when Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest and was given CPR on the field to reinstate his heartbeat before being transferred to a local health facility where he is in critical condition. The game was strung up just over 60 minutes before being formally postponed. Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, Kevin Wildes and Eric Mangini talk about.

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  1. Amazing take!

  2. Power of prayers got Hamlin through cardiac arrest. Very thankful for the on-site medical personnel that performed god’s work that night. May god guide him and his family through this most difficult time.

    Also, that was an average football play and the injury wasn’t a football related injury. What’s the true cause?

  3. Something is happening here with young people. What’s the vax status…..?

  4. Guys, Dr after Dr has come forward addressing an impact injury. 1966-2004 avg of 29 athletes under 35 died of cardiac arrest(CA). That’s 1,102 deaths in 38 years…

  5. In 2021-22, that number was 769. I don’t know Hamlin’s jab status but have serious doubts the COVID vax will even be looked into if he is vaxxed.

  6. I pray Damar makes a full recovery and the NFL brings in a COVID expert that has spoken out honestly about the heart issues they’ve seen in the vaxxed…

  7. easily the best sports show on TV

  8. Sorry for your loss Chris. You surely made your dad proud

  9. If the NFL is willing to hear the doctors & scientists ringing the alarm bells, they can shed light on an issue that has purposely been kept in the dark & deal with this growing # of (CA) deaths in sports.

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