Billionaires Have Bad Taste


  1. We’ve got another full-length video waiting for you right now at

  2. This has to be the backrooms

  3. this isnt a house, it’s a call of duty level that becomes a fan favourite multiplayer map

  4. Why are they so honest. I trust these guys more than myself

  5. وُضع المتوفي في نعش مصنوع من خشب الارز

    You two are distractingly attractive

  6. You know jealousy is a curse. But I agree with Mr Munger and Mr Buffet, envy steers the world.

  7. Haha theses billionaires are sooo dumb not like us millionaires

  8. 2:09 is that Trumps long lost cousin?

  9. we all return to Allah

    life is too short, i advice everyone to read the Quran to be comforted & guided closer to God, worship Allah alone sincerely & do good before its late, may Allah guide you & bless you

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