Billie Eilish Scares Her Fan Melissa McCarthy – EXTENDED

Melissa McCarthy, who was joined by her “The Kitchen” co-stars Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss, discussed her love for Billie Eilish and the music video Melissa put herself in during her recent guest-hosting gig for Ellen. Since Melissa had not heard from the pop star directly about her thoughts on the video clip, Ellen chose to invite Billie to the show… with a startle.




  2. I love Melissa

  3. Billie is so pretty and precious??

  4. monxtized roblox

    Billies nails ?

  5. Munkhbayar Mendsaikhan

    ok this just made my day thank u youtube

  6. Billie is so cute and nice ?

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  8. I want a Sabrina Carpenter perform in the ellen show

  9. I love Melissa McCarthy!

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