Billie Eilish – A Snippet into Billie’s Mind (Artist Spotlight Stories)

A Snippet into Billie’s Mind is an audiovisual expedition into the thoughts of Billie Eilish, investigating the afflatus behind songs from WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Produced in cooperation with YouTube Music, this installment of Artist Spotlight Stories acts as the final chapter of our excursion inside Billie’s head, and reveals the profoundly personal, surprising and infinitely visible inventive process of this generation-defining artist. Whether or not she’s viewing music videos with the sound off, drawing camera angles in her sketchbook, or ascribing a color, shape and texture to each of her songs, Billie breaks down her one of a kind visible language and gives us a peek into the internal workings of her mind.


  1. She’s a kid. Why do people act like she’s some 35 year old woman with a lot of life experiences.

  2. Dam you recommended I curse you wtf why the hell would I want to watch this crap

  3. A legend in her own mind

  4. that was recorded before she dyed her hair purple :c

  5. C O R N Y.

  6. She’s a satanic weirdo!

  7. This is a self serving idiot who craves attention. This is not an artist. She needs help.

  8. Why do we care…..we don’t

  9. ‘Me, me, I, I’ Man, we live in a narcissistic age. Yes, it’s about her, but damn….. I do like a couple of her songs, and she has a nice voice. But, People need to quit telling these ‘artists’ that they are so important.

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