Biggest SCANDAL In Chess History


0:00 Intro
0:30 Magnus/Hans Story
5:00 Game 1
5:55 Game 2
8:49 Game 3
16:25 Hans

Photo by Lennart Ootes:

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  1. Your persona feels fake. Pretty sure you’re just another arrogant Brooklyn jew in real life

  2. Magnus just sucks and Hans is best, like Magnus cant lose 1 game without quitting his whole carrier? GO HANS GO

  3. Hans won the game he played with Magnus. The real question is if whether or not Magnus let him win, not if Hans cheated. Magnus had Rxf7 check, an in-between move before his Kf1.

  4. How do you mean it is not possible to bring something to get messages?
    Have you seen what “mentalist” illusionist have built in the past?
    There are things like very tiny devices you can hide in the souls of your shoes where someone from the audience can send signals to, metal detectors typically don’t scan the soles of your shoes, there are a few good videos explaining why only very special high end metal detectors can do that.
    There are 100’s of tricks these “mentalists” use to get blindfolded and almost naked messages sent to them (yes, you can even ingest or surgically insert devices), I’m sure a chess player can figure out some of these tricks

  5. I thought Magnus quit because he just lacked motivation. And also the Nieman was a bit of a dick after. Saying Carlson must be done as a player if he loses to an idiot like me… What was that.

  6. 8# in trending les goooo!!!!!

  7. The great Bent Larsen said that ratings would kill chess. Now electronics seem to kill chess, even if not proven. But as you said innocent until proven. That’s it!

  8. Double M On Tha Beat


  9. You can tell how smart Levi is by not saying anything direct about the situation. You don’t actually know what the true situation is so you can’t comment hateful remarks in either direction, whether those comments would end up being correct or not. Very crazy situation for sure

  10. #8 trending chess lmao

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