Biggest FOAM rc plane Crashes!

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Extra thanks to @Sam Foskuhl and every person who helped out and made the event a success!!

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  1. Steven Casteel (Assistant General Manager)

    I’m 3 minutes in. Great editing!

  2. “Previously on this episode”, at the very start of the episode? Really?

  3. A jet engine would look pretty good


    it like a 747 against a bunch of crop planes

  5. 12:09 Been playing a bit of DOOM lately?

  6. The Whiskey Gunner

    Would it even have had more thrust with the 100 motors? Was that idea just because or redundancy? Either way turning the battle royal into an army of David’s vs golath was awesome

  7. I would have moved the wing forward a bit to compensate for ballast and I would think that 2 larger motors and props or electric jet engines would be better I’d love to see a plane this size really flying , I love y’all’s work be watching you and all the guys with flight test for quite some time love yall

    • Really far back, I get the weight and balance thing – but it shortens the moment arm on the elevator. Maybe the engine mount airfoil should rotate 1:2 inverse the elevator. (Okay, okay, I know. Add complexity, add weight.)

      The thing is, he won’t truly refine this one. He will build a new design. How about a Model 17 staggerwing style? And 9 motors mounted radially belt driving a single 40″ prop? Of course, that would require a fold/fail for safety.

  8. DeepSpaceNetwork

    Give it the beans!

  9. Feet? Miles per hour? That’s Insufficient informations. If you want someone in the world to understand please use real information in meter and kilometer per hour or keep your videos to your own country.

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