Bigfoot’s cousin the Yeti makes an appearance as we dive into the snow map to try to tame the rampaging beast! It goes poorly!

Play Bigfoot ►

Horror Outro ►


  1. I am the 3,333 comment yesssssss

  2. He cut his wrist because in order to summon bigfoot, you need to put the moose meat in the fire, add one drop of human blood, and dance around it while banging on a drum.

  3. Idk why, but this set up reminds me of that RAKE game mark played along while back, with the camper and etc, and i have never felt more nostalgic-

    Love this as always!

  4. The Manglenator12

    to be continued… right?

  5. 𝒸𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓁𝒾ℯ

    “I’m William”

    *flashbacks of Willy wheely*

  6. Alternative title: Bob becoming the narrator of The Stanley Parable for 38 minutes

  7. Mark I bet you won’t read this or see it but i when this video came out I was close to suicide. I was sitting in the edge of my bed with a knife in my hand. Then my phone buzzed and popped up with your name and a game that I enjoy seeing you play and I thought that there was always something to make me happy. You saved my life that day and I am eternally grateful.

  8. Randall Carroll

    The fact that it’s made by Ukrainians, makes me wish they would add a Putin mode instead of Bigfoot 🤣

  9. Not mark shooting a moose without calling his shots first

  10. Can’t wait for the Flark movie 🤩

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