Big Gipp: No Disrespect To Jay Z Or Beyonce But The Truth Is… 2pac Didn’t Lie On Hit Em Up

Big Gipp: No Disrespect To Jay Z Or Beyonce But The Truth Is… 2pac Didn’t Lie On Hit Em Up


  1. Gipp gotta clear his throat 😅

  2. Love ❤️ Big Gipp , u gonna always keep it real and say what’s on your heart and the heart of your mind much love to B high 2 for always bringing the real raw uncut , btw u got to give us a ghetto mafia tribute again them the first niggas I heard say trap and one of the hardest ever from Atlanta , btw Goodie Mob still the hardest ever out the south and I still wish y’all and pac would’ve dropped an album together 🇲🇦🙌🏿

  3. My man I love you for that you are really real everything you said is a fact they forgetting what hip hop is about keep it real always

  4. No its just those were a bunch of ho’s. Meaning they picked him way before he picked them. They were gold diggers who would do it no matter who it was in that position. It just happened to be him at the moment. No real man wants that. No fast forward through the years and see what those women became.

  5. Mississippiblackberries

    I just Love a Great Amazing Southern man who has been raised the right way!! 🕳️🕳️🕳️💚💚💚 Great words Mr.Gipp Sir!! You ALL are Comets from the Cosmic Heavens . .. if you Stars would have came out with the truth in the beginning imagine how many inhabitants of the Earth would have awakened… Speak the truth.. WE deserve it.. May ALMIGHTY IAM be with you all.. May you ALL be safe💥💥🌞🌞🌞

  6. Pac was the light these can’t stand…. Have you figured it out yet

  7. What does women have to do with rap? I think pac should have been #1 and kept it at that. He being disrespectful and making it personal just listen to his tone on the first video.

  8. So faith wasn’t faithful to biggie ? Is what he’s saying ???

  9. It’s more bs on the list of just j being number one the fact they got Kendrick before pac and nas and big and ll to low

  10. He also ain’t like j

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