Beyoncé – I’M THAT GIRL (Official Lyric Video)

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I pull up in these garments look so good
‘Cause I’m in that hoe
You know all these songs sound good
‘Cause I’m on that hoe
I’m deadass

It’s not the diamonds
It’s not the pearls
I’m that woman

It’s just that
I’m that female

It’s not my man
It’s not my position
I’m that woman
It’s just that I’m that woman

From the top of the morning I glisten
Right through the blinds
Touching everything in my commonplace view
And everything adjacent to me gets lit up too

You watch it
You watch it when you look to me
I did not want this power
I did not want this power

You know love is my weak point
Don’t need drugs for some freak shit
I’m just high all the time
I’m out of my mind
I’m tweakin’

Freakin’ on the weekend
I’m salacious
Let it commence
I be pulling up in that ’92 De Ville Cadillac
With them vogues losin’ my mind

I do not need no friends
I’ve been thuggin’ for my un-American life lights
In these D faultless skies

Off the deep end
Such a heathen
Why they let me outdoors
I pull relief in

Bring that beat in
Now I can breathe again
I be beating down the block
Knocking Basquiats off the wall
That’s how I ball

Cleanse me of my evildoings
My un-American life


  1. This sounds like Brooke Candy

  2. why is she bringing America into this. you’re the problem not America. its you!!!! I came here to listen to music not politics

  3. before you accuse other people as the problem, have you ever looked at yourself????

  4. she’s so manipulative with this. this song is about politics, its so off balance and manipulative. she’s trying to convince others about politics and how bad America is. this song and album is about politics

  5. I love how she tries so many different styles. You never really know what you
    are about to hear and I LOVE IT.

  6. Markitta Washington

    I heard Princess Loko & gasped

  7. Still recovering

  8. I thoroughly dislike it. Sounds like a jumbled mess

  9. † We are all born with a sinful nature. To live eternally in paradise and escape eternal torment in hell, we must accept the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. Even though Jesus is God, He came to earth to be a sacrifice for us so that we could live with Him, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit forever. We can’t save ourselves by doing good works. Only faith in what Jesus did will save us. Just by believing in our hearts that Jesus died for us, we are saved eternally. It can’t be lost no matter what. After that, we trust God to do good works in us. It’s all about what Jesus did, not what we have done or will do.
    …if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.     
                                        †  Romans 10:9

  10. Beyoncé reina 🏳️‍🌈🇲🇽

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