BET Awards 2019: Best Moments of the Night!

The 2019 BET Awards were full of never-to-be-forgotten moments, from Cardi B’s lapdance on stage to Nipsey Hussle’s moving tribute. The 19th BET Awards aired live from the Microsoft Theater on June 23, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on BET.


  1. Nice to know strippers can succeed………
    Damn scum

  2. Rihanna is not even black. Whes ethnic creole from barbados which has afrircan inclufluence but not black american. Cardi b isnt even black either lolll

  3. Pënñÿ Įrïš

    Ugh my heart absolutely hurts for nipseys family ? his daughter is so pretty ?? it’s beautiful to see Lauren comforting her.

  4. 5,000SubsWithNoVideos LetsDoIt

    I saw a comment saying that Cardi B looked different so my brain went into big brain time and formed a whole conspiracy theory that Cardi B was replaced by someone else. Here’s the evidence, 1. Cardi B looks different said from several different people 2. Cardi B’s feet was swollen not too long ago and due to that she had to cancel shows so who’s to say that doesn’t apply to this show 3. Offset was lip syncing Cardi B’s lyrics as the potentially fake Cardi was looking at him so maybe she would remember the lyrics.

  5. Let the whoring begin!!

  6. CatOMattic 5000

    This award show is racist and bigoted towards white people

  7. the niggerer awards.

  8. No KODAK ???

  9. Y they got to put that picture of cardi with r skin out like that

  10. Matthew Mc D0nald

    They have fried chicken

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