Best Origami Wins $5,000 Challenge | ZHC Crafts

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  1. Subscribe and I might call you to win something! (international fans too)

  2. Izzy JUST realized that she can’t take the creeper head off

  3. This is so entertaining thank you

  4. Doesn’t Izzy look different

  5. Michele: Makes oragimi crane easily
    Me: wtf

  6. Benjamin MBA NDEMA


  7. Christopher Wiles

    Why is izzy so fine😃😃

  8. I need a video when they buy dolls from Walmart like the ones you can style their hair and hair dye. Title idea: Best hair-style wins 10,000 dollars w/ professional hairstylists .

  9. Patrick Mccarthy

    I love origami

  10. I kinda do like Viv’s dragon better then the other dragon.

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