Best Kinetic Sand Art Wins $5,000!

We made art out of Kinetic Sand! It was truly fun!

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  1. the crocodile, turtle and octopus were my personal favourites

  2. WhisperByDesign

    Love the style of this video! We want more!

  3. where’s Viv i haven’t seen her in a long time and i rly miss her

  4. AshlynnChristina

    jakes was one of the worst ones.. sorry jake

  5. ImIndecisiveWithMyUsernames

    best kinetic fart

  6. We’re jaz?

  7. Jurga Juozeliene

    im sorry Jake but like no, I liked Michelles more 🙁 i thinks Michelle or Ben should have won:).

  8. Izzy May IS ready

    this was fun 🙂

  9. Izzy May IS ready

    We should appreciate the fact that they do so much to keep us entertained, it rlly brightens people’s days!

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