BEST Japanese Ramen Noodles in New York! MUST TRY Ramen Tour Part 3!

I am back with another ramen tour trying all the BEST ramen noodle places in New York City.

The very first location at Kame Rame, I liked their tonkatsu ramen and the pork bao. At Tonchin I loved the dan dan mian ramen and the scorching dumplings they in addition have terrific Japanese matcha shaved ice. And for the previous location at Ramen Ishida on their menu, I loved the New Tokyo Style Shouyu ramen the finest.
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◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ :
Sony RX100 Mark V:
Wide Angle Lens:
Camera Mic:
Camera Lights:
Handheld Audio Recorder:


  1. Travel with Ivan

    When I looked up Kame Ramen on Google Maps, It says it is permanently CLOSED!!!!! 🙁

  2. Anujin Purevtseren

    Mike:Adds hot oil
    Me: ok
    Mike:Adds even more
    Cholestreol level

  3. Kame Ramen is “temporarily closed”. ? Can’t try until October whyyyyyy ?

  4. SixPackSuperMan - PC Gamer

    You need to go to the Jinya Ramen Bar in Toronto next! It’s my favorite! Very popular

  5. Dragon'sprincess

    Traveling show: so why do you want to travel over the world? It says here you’d like to travel certain regions of asia and… New york?

    Me: food

    Traveling show: im sorry did you say… Food?

    Me: *looking up from strictly dumpling vid* did i stutter?

  6. Bat Mario Leitgeb Fastard

    It’s not a party without hot oil! ?

  7. Bro you just ate enough sodium for a week!

  8. This guy is such a pig

  9. I have been to Ishida and I actually prefer a spot a couple minutes away called Yakoya, it’s the same price but bigger and to me taste better

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