Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

BFFs Kelsey Impicciche and Michelle Khare swap diets for 7 days. Will these two wellness nuts go nuts?

We accept you, as is!


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  1. So fun to collaborate with you again Kelsey!! *goes back to eating plain chicken* ???

  2. These don’t seem like best friends but is that just me

  3. I hate picky eaters

  4. I don’t know how they feel satisfied with small amounts of bland food

  5. I would get SOOO MF tired of oatmeal lol

  6. Someone put the claw end of a hammer through their skulls.

  7. Which of the two do you think takes better care of her feet ?

  8. I thought Kelsey’s bff is YB?

  9. Mine would be like a breakfast bar, tacos, pizza, and a lot of fries. Lol I’m ashamed

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