Best Eraser Art Wins $5,000!

Watch until the end to look at who wins!

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  1. Subscribe if you like the video! Like the video if you like it too lol. thanks 🙂

  2. Albert Joyce Tolentino

    Go Jake Fighting!

  3. I just hate watching this ;-;
    Im sorry but I cant bare to watch an artist draw something there not into, its not right

  4. thushara mapalagama

    jake should have won

  5. Jeaniebhel Oduca

    I hope I can be part to win $5000 🥺 I really need it for my school

  6. Idea: Learning how to crochet! (Pt 1)
    Best crochet art wins $5,000! (Pt 2)

  7. I love them

  8. Honestly Jake should’ve won. Kinda dissapointed he didn’t, but I believe he can win next time <3

  9. Clarissa Christabelle

    its okay jake. you did great you will win next time

  10. Clarissa Christabelle

    and i like michelles

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