Best Catch: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

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  1. Dunk contest is one thing but this is kinda dumb. Half of these anyone with a couple hours could learn how to do.

  2. Rations of Rationality

    Wtf the Cowboy doin at 0:31

  3. Wendell Greenidge

    This was pointless and unimpressive to me, I would like to see the older pro bowl events. This was like a bs dunk competition

  4. this was…… not satisfying

  5. Tyreek had the lamest catches by far. Why did he get good scores?

  6. Stefon Diggs first catch was insane. Why only 86 Points?

  7. Stefon got screwed by the judges. His first catch was way better than others who got 10 points higher.

  8. A patriot passed the ball to a bill for a bills mafia tradition lol

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