BEST And WORST Weapon In EVERY Class [Splatoon 3]

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Splatoon 3 has a total of 12 weapon classes, so today I desired to rank the finest and worst selection in all of them. Keep in mind this is a list more geared in the direction of combative play, use what you get pleasure from most.

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Music is from Super Mario Galaxy
Intro 0:00
Shooters – 0:28
Semi Autos – 2:13
Rollers – 4:20
Chargers – 5:48
Sloshers – 7:49
Splatlings – 10:21
Blasters – 12:41
Brushes – 14:50
Dualies – 16:38
Brellas – 18:23
Stringers – 20:40
Splatanas – 22:38
Outro – 24:15


  1. id like to know how the squeezer ranks compared to the automatics since it’s also technically an automatic in its secondary fire

  2. A bit bummed my favorite Slosher was the low-tier for some comp plays. I adore the weapon a lot, and agree with a lot of the critisism too admittedly, just sad she came so low.
    Honestly, not bad in turf war though! I might not be the highest score on the board but I can hold a good spot with it! I might get more competative soon to see if there’s plays you can get good at with it. If not? Well, it’ll be my pride and joy for turfs.

    ETA: Just hopped in the game to check the other sloshers. AMAZED Tri-slosher wasn’t the worst pick. The kit doesn’t sync at all! It feels like the weakest of the bunch by far. Blob-Lobber is by no means the strongest but at least it feels viable for moving players with storm and stalling tight corners with sprinklers. It most definitely paints better and feels like a threat since its paint can be unpredictable at faster paces. Tri-Slosher is definitely not a competitive pick.

  3. im surprised you think the bloblobber is worse than the tri-slosher in this game, I’d felt like the tri got a much bigger hit to its kit than the blob did. It just doesn’t feel like it’s able to capitalize on toxic mist the way weapons with substantial range can, an I’m not convinced the inkjet is any good either. Bloblobber feels like it has a more defined role for shutting down lanes, pressuring zones with a lot of safe, indirect ink output, and denying space in general especially with ink storm. its range and the chaotic nature of its projectiles make it a persistent threat, while the tri-slosher is tasked with getting in close to its opponents without having any mobility tools to close that distance, and having one of the most vulnerable specials in the game gives it very little option to escape once it’s gotten in.

    I absolutely agree with sprinkler being pretty bad for the kit though. Ink storm feels like a perfect fit, but I seldom see myself using sprinklers at all; they’re way too ink hungry for how poor their reward is , when the blob already inks turf really well on its own anyways. Having had splash wall in splatoon 2 I can see how that would be a good fit here since it’s a weapon that can be shut down pretty hard by other more direct ranged weapons like splatlings, though I think I would like something more supportive that takes advantage of its ricocheting effect; My hope is that when we get the bloblobber deco, this time around it’ll have the Angle Shooter, so you can track around corners and then use that information to take indirect bounce shots. Fizzy bomb would also be a lot of fun to increase the amount of chaos this weapon dishes out, putting so much stuff on screen at once can on its own be a winning strategy even if none of that stuff alone is very strong. And Fizzy bombs aren’t half bad!

  4. ultra stamp feels like seeing someone use splashdown. sure you may kill me in a second, but i have a full second (ish) to kill you. i hope it gets buffed because it’s nowhere near as terrifying as a huge hammer should be

  5. Blyatful Communism

    I’d argue that if you want to use clash blaster, you’d be better off using Luna. Both value close quarters combat, but Luna kills on average in 1 or 2 hits over clash and it’s 2-4 hit kill time. While the Zipcaster is tricky at first, it pairs well with Lunas one shot potential, while giving absurd mobility to a weapon that struggles with map control. Speaking of that, both the map control and range of Luna still sucks, giving Clash a VERY slight edge. Recently switched to Luna from being a dynamo player, and I’m finding this to be an absurdly fun weapon

  6. Thanks! It was very informative!

  7. Squid roll doesn’t Increase your mobility, it increases your survivability. this is kinda a thing that i’ve been kinda mulling over as it didn’t feel right when squid roll doesn’t increase your movement speed or distance on jumps, it only makes you take damage. It’s clearly a defensive tool, and the devs clearly intend it to be. Will point out, defensive tools CAN AND ARE regularly used as offensive tools too.

  8. weapon it just means it’s the first boss on the road to getting better.

  9. also, mini would probly be above ballpoint if it wasn’t for the stamper being a glitchy mess. Goes to show how fucked the stamper is if Heavy didn’t be the worse.

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