Bernie Sanders reacts to Trump’s nationwide address

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders delivers comments after President Trump gave his first Oval Office address to the country over the issue at the U.S. southern boundary.

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  1. If Terrorist didnt comes through the border then they’re definitely will now knowing that it’s so open shaking my head. Build the wall

  2. A wall is kind of stupid as we are living in the future and can use technology to identify those who come illegally. Can’t we use tech? We already have it….I believe NASA uses it or other intelligence agencies. Thermal/heat, etc etc. A wall is so old school…

  3. Then give him the money for the wall

  4. Communist trash!

  5. The only crisis is the government being shut down. Man up and sign the CR you orange oaf


  7. Why is Bernie giving his opinions still. He won’t be president ever and he lost. Why is he trying to get some attention.

  8. Years end in September. I thought it ended in December….

  9. let’s talk about harassment Bernie

  10. Go crawl back to your parents basement!!

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