“Bendy and the Dark Revival” – Gameplay Trailer 2019

The revival has begun. Bendy comes back.


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  1. Sai Does things

    Time for some memes 🙂

  2. it is bendi an dhe dark reval chapter 1

  3. Josh Larry Valdevilla

    So it is Charlie after all

  4. bendy:and the ink machine
    bendy:and the dark revival
    bendy:baconfinity war

  5. Batim hacker 0085

    THIS is bendy and the dark revival demo NOW

  6. Joey Drew studios if youre reading this please i hope im correct i think you dont play as alice but a worker from the studio

  7. Tasya Gamergirl

    Here’s my speculation: Maybe the playable character in this sequel here is the missing “Linda” person that Henry mentioned before?

  8. Alisson

  9. *Ah, shit here we go again*

  10. Канал Elix

    0:15 Sammy????? But He is ded

    0:15 семи??? но он же умер

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