Ben Simmons Opens Up About The 76ers Holdout, His Shooting Struggles, The Hawks Series & More

The Old Man and The Three is BACK with an epic interview with JJ’s old Philadelphia 76ers teammate and current Brooklyn Net, Ben Simmons. This is Ben’s first long-form interview in a couple years so there is quite a bit to get to. You will not want to miss this one.

Subjects involve:

-What JJ and and Tommy have been up to since the break.
-The chemistry that Ben and JJ developed as teammates.
-Ben’s frequently neglected abilities on the defensive end and his passing.
-The shooting narrative encircling Ben in The NBA.
-Falling in love with basketball at an early age.
-His time at LSU.
-Handling negativity from media and fans on-line.
-The tale of somebody taking video clip and heckling him in a candy store.
-His intellectual wellbeing struggles over the last few years.
-Why he held out on The Philadelphia 76ers.
-Doc Rivers kicking him out of practice.
-His last playoff series in Philadelphia against The Atlanta Hawks.
-A detailed rationalization as to why he passed up the wide open dunk on Trae Young.
-What he’s looking forward to most about playing with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and The Brooklyn Nets.
-And much more.


  1. Just wanted to pop by and say thanks for watching. This is one of the best conversations we’ve had on the pod and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with everyone. We’ve got some great guests coming on soon so be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. Thanks again for watching.

  2. Bro, best interview I have seen in a long time.

  3. Gerald hudson is the guy in the candy shop 😂😂😂 he does that to a lot of celebrities. I thought it was staffed at first because he’s constantly “running” into celebs

  4. I’m a Ben Simmons fan

  5. A+ content JJ. Simmons is a good guy but he’s been a little out of touch it seems. He’s bright and a thinking man and I think he can get back to the very top

  6. As sixers fan I can’t be mad at him as a person . He seems like a good dude . But what he did to organization sitting out the entire season is hard to forgive .

  7. Damn you guys didn’t ask him if he thinks he shoots with the wrong hand?

  8. Fantastic show guys! Best of luck to Ben….looking forward to seeing back on the court.

  9. S/O to Gerald Houston lmfaooo

  10. Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone have a fantastic day! Amen

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