Ben Simmons On Philadelphia | JJ Redick

The Old Man and The Three podcast is BACK with an astonishing episode featuring JJ Redick’s old teammate, Ben Simmons (The Brooklyn Nets). In this teaser clip, Ben discusses his emotions in the direction of Philadelphia now that a couple years have passed. Remain locked in because we get into way more about Philly, The 76ers and lots more.


  1. Thanks for watching, everyone. We get into a lot more stuff including his shooting, The Hawks series, his holdout and more. The episode will be live first thing tomorrow morning so subscribe to the channel if you haven’t. We’ll see ya then.

  2. This just smells banger

  3. 0:38
    The reporters ain’t lying tho lol.

  4. Keren saya sangat suka tetap sukses selalu….

  5. Ben Simmons is and will forever be the most hated athlete for Philly fans. Bryan Colangelo said he was a coward for not shooting the 3 and well, he was wrong about many things but right on this one.

  6. If i could combine 2 retired players to play a basketball game at their current age i would pick JJ Redick and Ben Simmons.

  7. Ben is a gelding. That soy boy got never ending support for 4 years, and refused to work at his job. Then he got scared to do his job, because he didn’t do the required work. He quit on LSU, he quit on the ’76ers, and he certainly will quit on the Nets.

  8. Good to see JJ branch out and invite non-basketball players to the pod.

  9. You were never built for Philadelphia

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