Being the Queen: The Life of Queen Elizabeth II | National Geographic

Being the Queen makes use of a treasure trove of never-before-heard interview recordings from those who know the Queen personally. Paired with profoundly investigated archival footage and pictures, the one-hour special provides an in-depth look at her life and some of the most fundamental, prestigious events in the history of the British monarchy.

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Here is Queen Elizabeth II as National Geographic photographers saw her. See the photos we never posted:

What Happens Now that Queen Elizabeth II Has Passed?

Britain’s Most Unlikely Queen:

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  1. So, somewhere along the way the rules changed…

    King Edward had to abdicate the throne in order to marry a divorced woman because of “rules”…

    But now, all these years later…
    Charles is KING… and Camilla is Queen Consort…

    Charles cheated, Camilla cheated, they had an ongoing affair with each other for years…
    He doesn’t lose any perks of his station in life and ends up marrying the divorced Camilla…
    Does Charles ever have to abdicate his responsibilities so that he can marry Camilla?
    He gets crowned the next King.

    King Edward got screwed.

  2. This old washed up prune was on overtime

  3. Hope this LEGENDARY QUEEN will rule the HEAVEN 💐💐…..

  4. She served her country and her people well. For the longest reigning march she worked and dedicated her life to her people.

  5. That was quick lol. Nat geo definitely had this one in their back pocket just patiently waiting

  6. This women was amazing, she was totally loyal to a point of many people slating her for human mistakes she was treated bad on a lot of occasions by people who just wanted to bring her down and this was horrible to witness, she loved her family, and her people, she will be remembered for all the good she did.

  7. Paula Diana Barrett

    I followed the Queen all the time and loved to hear her name being call. Love when people were able to sit with her or just get a glimpse of her. This world has lost a great presence that can not be replaced. Her presence was always near. Even when she was not. Our world is truly changing.

  8. A great women, who will always be remembered and admired.

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