Behind The Sims Summit Stream Event

ESRB Rating T for Teen: Crude Humor, Sexual Themes & Violence.

The Behind The Sims Summit is on now! Event began Oct 18, 10 AM PT.

The Sims™ 4 base game is formally free to download!* What comes next? Get ready for sneak glimpses and special announcements as well as an entire lineup of special visitors. This event is all about celebrating The Sims and The Sims community!

Tune in for updates on The Sims™ 4, The Sims™ FreePlay, The Sims™ Mobile.

00:00 – Countdown
04:32 – Intro with Host Phoebe Robinson
07:22 – The Sims 4 News with Phil Ring
08:28 – Early Concepts for The Sims 4
10:02 – Kelsey on The Street
12:20 – The Sims 4 x Overwolf: Bringing Mods and CCs to The Sims 4
14:09 – The Sims VP & GM Welcomes YOU to The Sims
15:17 – 22 Years of The Sims
16:35 – Head of Brand Introduces the Plumbob
17:37 – Anitta’s Behind The Sims
18:48 – Dance Break with The Next Kidz
20:47 – The Sims Freeplay News
22:50 – The Sims Mobile News
24:56 – The Simmers Make The Sims
26:48 – The Next Iteration of The Sims: Project Rene
27:53 – Early Concepts for Project Rene
30:20 – Closing & Infants Tease
31:10 – Credits

Want even more news about The Sims™?

*Extra content calls for separate buy & all base game updates. Applicable platform account, internet connection, and EA account might be necessary. Age guidelines utilize.

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  1. “he/him”, “she/her” – BUAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHA!

  2. I appreciate all the upcoming updates. I’m excited about Project Rene, I can see that a lot of work and effort have been put into it. Thanks the Sims team!

  3. everyone is clickbaiting by saying it’s sims 5 but she never said sims 5 LMAO. Sims 5 is not coming soon. Stop lying

  4. Su Su I am looking foward to all the updates. This brings the creativity in me. Okay yes I did kill some sims -whoops sorry ,but this was good to watch and informative. Be creative Fellow Simmers xx

  5. It looks a lot like paralives?

  6. I see they’re finally responding to Paralives.. but since this new Sims game will be chopped up in DLC, I won’t be buying this one either.. I’ll go to a new kid on the block like Paralives

  7. They’re scared shitless because Paralives is going to do to The Sims what Cities Skylines did to Sim City (kill it completely)

  8. Hopefully we can have a equestrian expansion pack it would add a lot of gameplay

  9. Everyone acting like Paralives is gonna be any better than sims 5 when Paralives is just gonna be another game like sims 😂

  10. i hope they add preteens in this ngl

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