Bedroom Reveals! HOUSE TOUR: Part 2 Rocket Money is a personal finance app that helps you save more, spend less, see everything, and get organized in all aspects of your financial life!


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  1. I love your home your, thanks for sharing!!May have to steal some of your ideas!!! Your children are so adorable with those big eyes and that curly hair, just adore them! I hate we don’t get to see you guys any more, but I totally understand why! Doesn’t keep us from missing you guys!!

  2. I absolutely love your house. Lots of new memories to make

  3. Use W-40 will remove sharpie marker

  4. I’m with you, one sink more counter.

  5. What is a hatch?

  6. The house came out so nice Jessa! It is very interesting to see how different people organize their houses! I would like 2 sinks AND counter space! That would need to be a HUGE Bathroom 🛁 🛀 😆 I do like the laundry area! It’s a good idea 💡 It wouldn’t work for me, but I’m sure it’s working for you! Well done sweetie! 👋 To you Ben and the kids! 💕

  7. The house looks great Jessa! I think your laundry setup is amazing

  8. I love how practical and minimalist you are. Everything is so nice. 🙂

  9. I love home tours! It’s a great way to get tips on ideas for organizing. Although my kids are grown it helps me in organizing or changing up my room. I basically live in a room now. My daughter is my care giver. I really love the large pictures you display throughout your home. They are going to make beautiful treasures in the future. It is better than putting up a plain picture. You have a lot of cute ideas. I especially like the laundry room as a clothes closet as well. I’m sure it feels really nice living in your new home with enough space to move around. The kids rooms are super cute too! 💕
    I’m Sharon from California 👋

  10. Hope your better now cookie! 50 hours of dedication while your sick for our entertainment is appreciated.

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