Beat My Grandpa at Arm Wrestling, Win $500

Beat my granddad at arm grappling, win $500. I dressed up, 26 time world champ arm wrestler, Allen Fisher as an old man and had him face-off against the most powerful folks at muscle beach. Anybody who could beat him won $500!

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  2. allen is the 🐐💯

  3. I wish Devon Larratt just happened to walk by

  4. ArtofCodeyStevenson

    Brandon thank you for doing more arm wrestling videos! This great sport needs to grow 💪🏽💯

  5. Cool . Good watch

  6. Bruh was that tyreek hill???

  7. That’s tyreke hill right?

  8. A real Popeye 👍

  9. Well done Allen! And well done student. Pretty impressive too!

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