Bears trade No. 1 overall pick in NFL Draft to Carolina Panthers | NFL | SPEAK

Emmanuel Acho, LeSean McCoy, Joy Taylor and Ric Bucher respond to news the Chicago Bears are buying and selling the very first overall pick in the NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for WR D.J Moore, the 9th overall pick and extra draft reimbursement.

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Bears trade No.


  1. Listen to the Club Shay Shay podcast:

  2. Carolina got robbed.

  3. As a Carolina Panthers fan. I love this trade. I rather need WR1 than need QB1.

  4. I get so tired of listening to Shady McCoy….moving forward I think it would be a better use of the shows time if he simply held a sign saying I’m jealous of Justin Fields instead of having to listen to him.

  5. I’m glad the Chicago bears organization believe in Justin fields enough to keep him but on the low… Colts need a QB and to me… J fields is better than sam e.

  6. that seemed like a lot of compensation then he said the panthers gave them dj moore TOO?! total highway robbery unless their rookie qb ends up taking them to the playoffs. except he’ll have no receivers to throw to

  7. DJ Moore isn’t one and never has been.

  8. Joy is hot

  9. This is a strange panel

  10. Not sure who that dude was at 130 in talking Bears WR core he was dead nuts on !!! 100%

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