BBC proclaims the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The news anchor Huw Edwards stated Buckingham Palace had released an announcement validating that the Queen had passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle on Thursday afternoon.

The palace had made a statement earlier in the day saying that doctors were worried about her well-being. Members of the royal family travelled to Balmoral shortly after the initial declaration as issues grew throughout the day.

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  1. নগহডডহহটসআজজ

  2. Witch is dead

  3. I feel like he just said the exact same thing twice…


  5. Come to show you, no man lives forever….

  6. Britain will never be the same without our Queen. Gone but never forgotten 🕊.

  7. Sahel Ebrahim Al-Wasti

    Who hate this queen? She killed most Indians and palastines people.

  8. We already knew. Tv channels had changed programmes. Family rushed to bed side. Reporteres already I black

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