Batmobile raid hearing canceled, San Mateo DA considers dropping case — EXCLUSIVE

Holy breaking news, Batman, in the criminal case involving a replication of the Batmobile from that Nineteen Sixties TV show. The San Mateo County District Attorney has called off the arraignment for the Batmobile builder from Indiana, who’s facing two criminal charges in a disagreement with an affluent realtor from Atherton.

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  1. Abuse of power for a personal friend, plus out of there area so they had no official power !

  2. Criminal charges should fall on customer,sheriff and county d.a. office.

  3. And freeze these dudes bank accounts

  4. Ugonelearn Todayknewz

    Sherriff needs to be arrested

  5. Doctor Hagglefester

    Rich boy throws a tantrum.

  6. Wwll the California sheriff’s had no power in indiana

  7. This whole thing is BS I hope Mark is able to counter sue Sam for this whole debacle

  8. If the sheriff did this, spending all that money, for some rich donor or buddy??? That sheriff belongs in PRISON!!!

    The buddy should be charged with filing a false report and harassment, bare minimum. Can you imagine if the guy he did this to had been a minority??? Talk about over privileged pratt.

  9. Freemasons control the world are you’re watching tyranny in action.

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