Batman but he does not show up

Mindful guys.


  1. 1 MILLION!!!! Thanks so much everyone for watching, subscribing, commenting and sharing! It’s been a wild couple months. Many more great things to come <3

  2. These seem like some good mooks. I’m hiring, boys. Got a bunch of pallets need loaded and moved ASAP.

  3. i love getting ads on your videos. you should have money

  4. Plot twist: They wanted to do a video with batman but doing it was too much trouble so they decided to do it without him.

  5. Holy shit, a million! Congrats man!
    Damn that happened fast.

  6. You can tell that guy has gotten his ass beat by batman before. Major PTSD for that one time he jaywalked.

  7. MinecraftWithJared

    Dude this is awesome 🤣

  8. Are they gonna smoke all those pallets? Seems like a good time.

  9. maybe he didn’t show up because they weren’t committing any crimes lol

  10. Needs more jumpscares.

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