BATB 12: Sunny Suljic Vs. Burberry Erry – Spherical 1

BATB 12’s first match of the Influencer quadrant pits Sunny Suljic (623k devotees on Insta) against Burberry Erry (264k). It is a battle that’s certain to go viral… May God have mercy on your algorithms.

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  1. I was really hoping for that trendy style of filming

  2. That Blueberry dude reminds me of Mark from Home Improvement when he went through his goth/alternative phase

  3. Goham Crawford

    Bam needed different shoes

  4. 01:15 thats why sunny won

  5. Proper hardflip at 2:45

  6. Kinda Sloppy but good game

  7. Calling it right now:


    Pro: Chris Joslin
    Joe: Dylan Jaeb

    Influencer: Vinnie Banh
    Icon: Shane Oneill


    Chris Joslin
    Shane Oneill


    My dad

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