BATB 12: Chris Chann Vs. Eamon Samojla – Spherical 1

Chris Chann made his BATB debut in 2014’s Pros Vs. Joes, then restored the following year for BATB 8. For BATB 12, Chann comes back to battle Eamon Samojla in the Influencer quadrant. May God have mercy on their engagement metrics.

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  1. Joslin vs o Neil or Joslin vs luan

  2. Aaron kyro vs luan olivara

  3. Berra vs Eric

  4. Jager Eatme vs Aaron Kyro

  5. no physical distancing, no masker, hug… imagine if this is indonesia!

  6. Where’s the BigSpin Forward flip????


  8. Chris Chann gets nervous and upset even against an influencer… I don’t know what he’s doing in the berrics, he’s just skateboarding alone behind a camera.

  9. Bro I didn’t watch the battle and the first comment I see is “LESS GO CHRIS”
    I think I know who is the winner…

  10. dont make skaters do half cabs and 180s to lengthen the game

  11. Manuel Alejandro SanchezSK8 TCSB

    El peor BATB

  12. Was chris injured? He seemed to really stay away from regular and anything kickflip

  13. Wtf with the kickflips ?

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