Basically, This is Chainsaw Man

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It’s the show about a guy who’s a chainsaw.


  1. THATS THE SPANISH DUB!!! oh my must see it

  2. Alejandro Findikli

    chainsaw man pt 2 plot twist,
    denji IS the ball devil, so he never actually lied

  3. Its like pouring billion of dollars on shit as the main character of an action pack movie. It will always be shit.

  4. Man, I know I am doing something right with my life now, because I had no idea about any of these complaints people had. Seems like I’m avoiding the idiots


  6. OK, this anime is on the good side;; dub takes too long, though.

  7. To me, this is MAPPA’s love letter to Fujimoto’s passion for cinema. He, as a mangaka, knows how different both mediums are and to see his work be translated into something he consumes must be cathartic.

  8. Gigguk, please never stop making videos. Your approach on creating videos is magnificent and your taste is almost identical to mine. Call of the Night really made me hungry for more Mangas as an previous (almost) Anime only watcher. Cheers, senpai

  9. gilang ignas raharjo

    That Makima hand holding scene sure awaken something inside many of us…

  10. Maybe I’m a pleb but I barely even noticed any of the CG. I speed read the manga after episode 3 of the anime and felt like I missed a lot and don’t think I’ll reread it but can see me watching the anime again once a year or every other year.

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