Baseball Is In A Culture War


  1. As per the runs rule: 6 runs isn’t NEARLY enough. I’ve seen so many 7, 8, 9, run inning comebacks that the pedal needs to be pushed to the floor unless it’s a position player pitching.

  2. Baseball is the only sport on the planet outside of maybe tennis & golf that punishes competitors for having competitive fire. Lame. Your tradition doesn’t sell out seats. Get with the times.

  3. If they aren’t in the rule book, it doesn’t count. Do what you want, wear what you want, bat flip, talk smack, be yourself. THOSE AREN’T ACTUAL RULES

  4. Baseball is SO fuckimg boring…make it more exciting and show emotion like College Ball..

  5. Retaliation has always been pathetic. Glad to see it’s being phased out

  6. Unwritten rules are dumb. That being said I enjoy watching the occasional real brawl. I don’t think anyone needs 100 thrown at their head, but some of these kids do need a rib shot with a changeup. 85 hurts just as bad as 100 lol

  7. Those guys don’t even realize how stupid they look with their little show off charades. And best wishes with that ed treatment.

  8. this video proves nothing

  9. Baseball sounds like a bunch of crybabies

  10. Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks

    I wonder if paying 18 to 22 year olds tens of millions of dollars a year has an effect on their egos.

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