Baseball Has A Baseball Problem


  1. Babe, wake up, new Baseball Doesn’t Exist video.

  2. a 9 year old needs to start a Baseball Recycle Collection point at their Local Stadium

  3. The Underground

    Juiced balls are smaller.

  4. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    The stats and scientific research, historical context and media, and other depth you include in these videos is AMAZING. Keep taking us into the weeds!

  5. This one wasn’t interesting😂

  6. Why do they need 1.3 million new balls each year?? Why can’t they use the old ones until they are gone or too tattered to use?!

  7. All these accusations, but no actual proof lol…

  8. Just change the rules. A ball hit out of the park should be a second base hit, not a home run. And how about eliminating the “out” simply from catching a fly ball? You catch a fly ball and it should be no different than catching any other ball, you still should have to TAG the runner in order for there to be an out. These changes would make the game much MUCH more interesting and exciting.

  9. Ralph Winfield


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